Galinsky is a free service for people enjoying buildings worldwide. Our searchable pages are designed to help you find and enjoy some of the world's most exciting modern architecture, both on-line and in real life. 


Galinsky is for anyone with an interest in modern buildings and architecture, whatever your level of knowledge. We use no obscure architectural terms, and are obsessed with architecture that has turned into real buildings that people can see and appreciate - not designs for their own sake.


Our initial building pages were created largely by a team of graduates and students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, traveling, photographing and writing specifically for galinsky. Our list of contributors has since broadened, with a mix of architecture students, architects and others just interested in architecture. We enthusiastically accept contributions from galinsky users for further buildings, and depend on you for expanding galinsky's scope.


You can search galinsky for a building by region or by architect, using the guide on the left of the screen. The site contains pages of photographs and descriptions for more than 300 buildings across most of the world.


On each building page you will find photographs, a jargon-free description of the building, and practical information for visiting. We maintain high standards of editorial and technical quality, but no strong editorial position.


Many pages also include recommendations and links to related web sites and books. We link only to web sites that contain relevant, quality, authoritative material, normally from the architect or the building owner or occupier. These links complement the coverage of the buildings on galinsky pages. Our book links allow you to buy recommended books directly from


Galinsky travel guides offer easily printable pdf summaries of the galinsky pages for buildings in a particular region, with accompanying map - the easiest way to take galinsky with you when traveling. Currently our travel guides cover Paris, London, New York, Switzerland, Japan and Vienna.


Galinsky is privately owned and run. It will continue to offer free access to its unique on-line resource of building pages, with no subscriptions, transaction costs or advertising. Commissions we receive from on book sales through the galinsky site help to pay for the running costs of the site, at no cost to you (you pay the normal discounted prices).


In 2008, as we celebrate our tenth birthday, we are introducing a new design for galinsky pages, with bigger pictures and a clearer layout. This change reflects that increase in both screen resolution and download speed since we started. This change will result in a mix of the two designs existing on the site for some time. We apologize for the inconsistency, but believe it is worth it to accommodate the larger pictures.


I really hope you enjoy your visits to galinsky. Please e-mail me with any comments or suggestions you have.



Simon Glynn