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On many of the building pages in galinsky, you will find suggestions for books we recommend if you want to go into more depth than galinsky offers - about individual buildings, architects or localities.  Look out for these suggestions, along with links to other Internet sites, at the bottom of the building pages.

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We have included some general suggestions below.

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General books on modern architecture

Below are some suggestions for general books on modern architecture.  These books are accessible and readable without specialist knowledge, consistent with the galinsky approach.


0393045641_m.gif (15587 bytes) Shaping a Nation: 20th-Century American Architecture and Its Makers
Carter Wiseman

A highly readable account of the development of American architecture in the twentieth century, with a focus on the people involved and the social trends affecting both client requirements and architectural ideas. Does not include photographs for all the buildings referred to.


20th Century American Architecture: A traveler's guide to 220 key buildings
Sydney LeBlanc (Whitney Guide)

A rare example of a practical guide for visiting modern buildings, with one short page of basic information per building, indexed by date, architect and location.  Each building gets one small black and white photograph - usually a general, exterior view.  Includes essential visitor and contact information.


The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design (World of Art)
Nikolaus Pevsner

Excellently written and illustrated account of the sources of modern architecture and development of ideas at the beginning of the twentieth century, particularly in Europe. Stops frustratingly in about 1917.


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