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Stansted Airport
United Kingdom

Foster and Partners 1991

The Stansted terminal building is a spacious, simple and inviting single-story building, exploiting the space of the fields around London's third airport.

'The vast open space of the main building is clearly articulated by the spectacular roof structure that floats more than 15 meters above our heads. A quilt of square domes is supported by a grid of 36 service trees... All air-conditioning, information and lighting services are contained in the roof support/service pods, leaving the concourse space completely free of pipes and ducts. Travelers and airport staff can see the sky, the airplanes and the fields through the glazed perimeter walls all around.'

Samantha Hardingham in London: a guide to recent architecture (Ellipsis 1999)


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The building is described in detail on the Foster and Partners
web site.


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Photographs Jay Berman, 1998

How to visit

Stansted Airport is about 25 miles north of London. It is easily accessible by both car (junction 8 of the M11 motorway) or train (from Liverpool Street station in London).

BAA, the operator of London Stansted Airport, provides detailed directions for getting to the airport.

Books and other web sites

Click the book titles to view and to order direct from


3895082813.gif (14068 bytes) London: A guide to recent architecture
Samantha Hardingham, Jonathan Moberly, Tom Neville

A great practical visitor's guide, with one page per building of basic information and black and white photograph - part of a series for different cities and regions published by Ellipsis.


The BAA web site is at, but is uninformative about the building.

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