Kärntner Bar (American Bar)
Kärntner Passage (off Kärntner Strasse)
1010 Vienna

Adolf Loos 1908

This small bar, just off the Kärntner Strasse in central Vienna, show Loos' combination of simple, unadorned forms with opulent materials and fine, simple detailing to give a modern, rich impression.

Mirrors covering the whole width of the wall above the bar, and the parallel wall opposite, mulitplies the apparent size of the small room, giving the image of an array of seaminlgy freestanding columns. The simple geometry of the columns and joists in this image matches that in Loos's House on Michaelerplatz of the same period.

Seating is in small booths around three backlit tables, which glow white in the dark, yellowish brown atmosphere of the bar.

Simon Glynn 2007


How to visit

The bar is open from 12pm to 4am. It is on a small sidestreet off the Kärtner Strasse, just south of Stephansplatz.

Since the bar is so small, there is room only for real customers, not architectural tourists, so the best approach is to become a customer. Photography is not welcomed.

For further information, visit the Bar's own web site (mostly in German) at www.loosbar.at, email office@loosbar.at or call +43 1 512 3283.


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Adolf Loos (Taschen Basic Architecture)
August Sarnitz

A practical, readable, affordable guide to Loos houses (including this one) in Vienna and elsewhere, with addresses for visiting. If you like galinsky you should like this guide. Includes an introduction to Loos, and a full reprint of his article Ornament and Crime.


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