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Bohl Bus and Tram Stop
Markt Platz
St Gallen

Santiago Calatrava 1996

This shelter in the centre of St Gallen is on a scale closer to a small station concourse than a bus stop, and is elegant in both the esthetic and engineering senses of the word.

The back of the shelter curves behind the row of seats, providing the spacious concourse feel, and  giving the shelter a depth at the center of nearly eight meters. A steel arch 40 meters long supports the roof above this space, most visible from behind the shelter (see below). Cantilevers carry the glass canopy to the edge of the pavement, nearly four meters in front of the steel arch.

Trolley buses stopping a the shelter seem a little dwarfed by it, but the concourse space appears well used by the large numbers of people waiting.


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Simon Glynn 2000


How to visit

The bus and tram stop is in the center of St Gallen, where Bohl reaches Markt Platz. This is about five minutes' walk from St Gallen's train station; turn left out of the station and follow Bahnhofstrasse.

A second Calatrava building in St Gallen, the Emergency Services Center, is only about ten minutes' walk away.

Books and other web sites

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Philip Jodidio

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Santiago Calatrava, Stanislaus Von Moos (Editor)

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Calatrava's own web site describes the building at

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