Bündner Kunstmuseum
Chur Bahnhofstrasse 35
7000 Chur

Peter Zumthor in partnership with P.Calonder and H.J. Ruch 1981-1990

Zumthor's project was the renovation and remodeling of Villa Planta and Sulserbau, with a new connecting passage. There are three additions to the Villa Planta: a foyer and cafeteria at the entrance, a bridge connecting the villa with a neighboring building, and a new gallery space underground.

Entering the building, the focus becomes the long perspective created by the bridge, which connects villa Planta with the the former building of the museum of natural history. This bridge is a covered ramp that articulates the different geometries of the buildings' plans and the height difference between their main levels. The bridge is made out of wood and glass but the construction details resemble those of a metal framework. 

The effect is further enhanced by painting all the wooden elements in a matt silver color. The surfaces become soft to the eye and the touch without losing their elegance and sharpness of line. Viewed from the either side the bridge feels more like a tunnel, only the lines of light on the floor uncover the openings which are at first hidden because of the depth of the window frames relative to the width of the glass elements. 

The underground galleries display contemporary art. Resembling a small maze made out of thick white walls and polished cement floor, the spaces have no doors: the rooms are connected by openings which are framed with a thick metal plate, producing an effect that is elegant and cold and at the same time claustrophobic.


Ludwig Abache 2001

How to visit

On foot: From Chur train station walk southeast in direction to the Old City along the Bahnhofstraße. The museum is on the left side of the road opposite to the big department store Manor.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00, every Thursday 10.00-20.00, closed on Mondays.

For up-to-date information call +41 81 257 2868 or email info@bkm.gr.ch.

Books and other web sites

The city of Chur has a very nice website with an interactive map that can help you find the location of any address that you query: www.chur.ch.

Information on the museum from the city's tourist office is at  www.buendner-kunstmuseum.ch/.

These websites are in German.

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