Chikatsu–Asuka Historical Museum
299, Higashiyama
Kanan-cho, Minami-Kawachi-gun
Osaka 585

Tadao Ando 1994

This important site in Japanese history, located in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture, contains more than 200 ancient burial mounds (kofun) including four imperial tombs. The museum is dedicated to exhibiting and researching prehistoric kofun culture.

The building, located within a natural environment of plum trees, ponds, and walking paths amongst the surrounding hills expands beyond its concrete volume. It integrates itself within the landscape in the form of a stepped concrete roof with a protruding concrete volume and concrete walls that continue into and frame the landscape. From the top of the stepped roof plaza visitors can observe the entire burial mound landscape. This stepped roof also doubles as an exterior auditorium for performances and lectures.


On the interior the display areas are intentionally dark, exhibiting objects as they were found in the tombs, giving the visitor a feeling of being transported back to ancient times.


Kari Silloway 2004

How to visit

From Shin-Osaka Station take the Midousuji Line subway to Tennoji. At Tennoji follow signs to the adjacent Abenobashi Station. From here take the Nagano Line of the Kintetsu Railway to Kishi. From Kishi take Kongo bus to Hannan Neopolis.

The museum is open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday-Sunday.

For more information telephone and to check opening times please call +81 721-93-8321 or visit

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Tadao Ando: Light and Water
Tadao Ando, Kenneth Frampton, Massimo Vignelli

Readable, beautifully presented book featuring this and other works by Tadao Ando


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