Daimler office and retail blocks

10785 Berlin



Richard Rogers Partnership 1999


Richard Rogers has produced some of the more stimulating architecture within the Potsdamer Platz development, and knows it. As they describe it,

In 1991 the city authorities opted for a thoroughly conservative masterplan... rejecting more radical proposals including those by RRP... RRP was subsequently commissioned to design three buildings on the site with a total area of 57,800 m².

[T]he practice was able to subtly subvert the municipal masterplan to produce buildings of strikingly contemporary appearance which, most significantly, utilised a low-energy servicing agenda.

The key to this strategy was the erosion of the blocks at their south-east corners to allow daylight to penetrate the central courts, which were turned into covered atria, to illuminate interiors, and to facilitate views out of the buildings... it was estimated that energy consumption in the office buildings would be half that generated by a conventionally air-conditioned building.


Visually striking, RRP’s contribution to the Potsdamerplatz development challenged conventional wisdom, producing a pioneering low-energy environment for business accommodation.

In a development short on stimulating public space, the RRP frontage onto the grass banks of Linkstrasse is one of the most successful.





Simon Glynn 2009

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The RRP blocks for Daimler run all along Linkstrasse, running south from Potsdamer Platz itself.