City Hall and Central Library (Stadhuis en Bibliotheek) 
Spui 70 
The Hague (Den Haag)
The Netherlands

Richard Meier 1995 

Richard Meier's design was chosen for this civic center by the public as a representation of the people.

The City Hall and Central Library is easily spotted due to its enormous size and unmistakable Richard Meier palette - white, and only white. 


Another distinguishable trait of the building is the large open atrium space. The building complex houses the council chamber, marriage hall, public library, municipal offices, leased offices, and some shops on the street level. There are benches inside the atrium space for people to sit around. The atrium space has a glass roof that was carefully designed to allow sunlight in but at the same time to control the temperature of the space.

The wedge shape of the site dictates the general shape of the building. Other existing grids in the surrounding city block dictated the location of features inside the building. It employs a vertical surface has a strong grid system throughout, while keeping the structure itself very simplistic. With the absence of color, the building appears very simple and has a very bright interior.

The City Hall and Central Library is part of the redevelopment program for that particular part of the city center. Nearby this building, there are many more new structures established or in progress as part of this redevelopment program.


Wilma Kwan 2003 

How to visit

You can walk to the City Hall and Central Library from the Den Haag Central train station. Once you get out of the train station head toward South West, pass through the Ministry building (VROM - Volkshuisvesting en Ruimtelijke Ordening, Milieubeheer). Walk along Turfmarkt and you will see the white City Hall and Central Library on your right hand side. 

There is a VVV (tourist office) just around the corner from the train station in case you have problem finding it. 

Only the Atrium of the City Hall is open to public. The opening hours are as follow: Monday - Thursday 7.00 to 19.00 Friday 7.00 to 21.30 Saturday 9.30 to 17.00. 

For more information on Den Haag, please visit For more information on the design of the City Hall and Central Library, please also visit


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