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Emergency Services Centre
St Gallen

Santiago Calatrava 1998

The 24-hour emergency services centre of the Canton of St Gallen is in a sensitive site next to the monastery and cathedral. Sensitivity to this site, as well as security concerns, led to the design of this largely underground building, with only its elliptical glass roof protruding from its plinth.

The sealed space with its mezzanine floor meets the client's requirements for a self-contained functional system. For the roof, armoured glass elements of seven centimetres thickness and weighing up to two tonnes are self-supporting along the curved ridge. Because this glazed roof covers the central space housing the electronic control systems, the need for light and temperature control is essential: a symmetrical system of rotating, arched tubes positions articulated slats on each side of the roof, and thus controls daylight.

from Calatrava: public buildings (see books below)

Simon Glynn 2000

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How to visit

Moosbruggstrasse runs along the south side of the monastery and cathedral in the center of St Gallen. The emergency services centre is on the north side of the road, next to the monastery buildings - about fifteen minutes walk from the train station. The building can be seen from the outside only.

A second Calatrava building in St Gallen, the Bohl bus and tram stop, is only about ten minutes' walk away.

Books and other web sites

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3822878839_m.gif (13082 bytes) Santiago Calatrava
Philip Jodidio

Good illustrations, but a limited selection of projects (does not include this building)

3764356278_m.gif (7764 bytes) Calatrava: Public Buildings

Santiago Calatrava, Stanislaus Von Moos (Editor)

Comprehensive and well illustrated, and priced to match (though well discounted at amazon)



Calatrava's own web site describes the building at www.calatrava.com and includes a photograph of the interior.

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