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Chicago Federal Center

Comprising the Everett McKinley Dirksen Building; the John C. Kluczynski Building; and the Loop Post Office

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1959-1974

Schmidt, Garden & Erickson, C.F. Murphy Associates and A. Epstein & Sons, associate architects

Graced by Alexander Calder’s loopy Flamingo "stabile," the Chicago Federal Center is a "study in geometric perfection," the "ultimate expression of the second Chicago school of architecture," according to Gerard Wolfe, in Chicago: In and Around the Loop, Walking Tours of Architecture and History.

Franz Schulze, in the AIA Guide to Chicago, concurs, noting that:

Mies’s uncompromising devotion to principle, together with his vaunted sensitivity to proportion and structural detail, and, in this case, the organizational scale, combine to give the complex a monumental urban presence.

Both towers are curtain-wall structures characteristic of the high-rise design of Mies’s American period. Their steel frames, suppressed behind uniform walls of glass and steel, are marked off by projecting steel I-beam mullions. The Post Office, a unitary space with a central core, is similarly typical of Mies’s reductivist concept of the single-story pavilion. Externally thin yet powerful structural columns of steel brace enormous panes of tinted glass.

Commissioned by the US General Services Administration as part of a 1950s plan to modernize the federal government administration and judiciary buildings, the plaza ran into budgetary difficulties, resulting in its long construction period. Completed, it is a lovely addition to a series of modernist buildings downtown that are humanly-scaled and materially rich at the ground level, including Inland Steel and the Richard J. Daley Center.


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Christy Rogers, 1998

How to visit

Downtown is best negotiated by foot, cab or train. The closest stop on the red line is the Jackson stop.

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0226740609_m.gif (13814 bytes) Mies van der Rohe: A critical biography
Franz Schulze


0393315045_m.gif (5721 bytes) The Master Builders: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright
Peter Blake

A highly readable introduction.



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