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Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
951 Chicago Avenue at Forest Avenue
Oak Park

Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio is not a good place to visit if you are feeling past your prime: Wright designed and built this house in his early twenties, as a wedding present. (For those of you now looking askance at your spouse, further investigation into the personal biography of Wright is advisable.)

As with Wright’s Robie house, excellent tours are offered that provide interesting and well-researched information. The home and studio are known not so much for their architectural prowess as for housing the family and office of Frank Lloyd Wright in his early years. A disappointment is the loss, due to lightning, of the lovely mature tree around which Wright built the connective hallway from home to studio, a poetic expression of the intertwining of architecture and landscape that characterizes Wright’s work. A spindly young tree has been replanted in its place; the only reasonable course of action, but ridiculous-looking until it matures.

The buildings were restored between 1976 and 1986 by the Restoration Committee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation.

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Christy Rogers, 1998

How to visit

From downtown Chicago, take the Eisenhower Expressway (290) west to Harlem Ave. (43) and exit north. Take Harlem to Chicago Ave., and turn right on Chicago Avenue. No 951 is about 3 blocks along.

Oak Park is also accessible by Green Line train and the Metra; call +1 312 836 7000 for information.

Driving from downtown Chicago to Oak Park is not the most inspiring experience, but Oak Park is home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie School National Historic District, with over 25 Wright buildings in the area. Tours of the Home and Studio and of the Historic District both begin at the Home & Studio bookstore. Call +1 708 848 1976 for detailed information on guided and self-guided tours.

Another important Frank Lloyd Wright project in the area is Unity Temple.

Books and other web sites

Click the book titles to view and to order direct from


048628364x_m.gif (15705 bytes) Understanding Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture
Donald Hoffmann

A highly readable, generalist account of the influences, development and innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, well illustrated.

1568980418_m.gif (13070 bytes) Wright Sites : A Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright Public Places
Arlene Sanderson (editor)

A practical visitors' guide to thirty six publicly accessible Frank Lloyd Wright sites, with a straightforward one or two page description of each, with black and white photographs.


www.geocities.com/SoHo/1469 provides both its own Frank Lloyd Wright content and a set of links to other Frank Lloyd Wright sites on the web.

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