Interbau Apartment House
Händelallee 3-9

Walter Gropius, TAC and Wils Elbert 1957

This nine-storied building by Walter Gropius, TAC and Wils Ebert lies in the south-west corner of the Hansaquarter. Like the Congress Hall by Hugh Stubbins it was a contribution by the USA to the International Builders Fair 1957.

The concrete frame construction rises 25m high and consists of four semi-detached dwellings. The building is slightly bent: the southern side opens towards the park, and is given a strong rhythm by the balustrades of the balconies, which are made of enameled sheet-steel.


Four staircases reach from the north into the structure, each holding an elevator and, in a separate room within the staircase, the garbage chutes. That way noise and smell should be kept away from the inhabitants. The elevators stop only on the half-stories, so everyone has to take some stairs as well.

The 67 apartments each have 3½ rooms in 71-81m² (except for three apartments on the recessed attic). Because the building has no cellar, the ground floor is used as service floor, with store-rooms and district heating.

Sebastian Krauß 2001


How to visit

The building is in the centre of the Tiergarten.

S-Bahn: Station "Tiergarten"

Underground U6: Station "Hansaplatz"


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