Kamppi Centre

Narinkkatori Square




Juhani Pallasmaa Architects and others 2006:


Juhani Pallasmaa Architects (shopping centre, Narinkkatori square, public outdoor spaces on Salomonkatu, Annankatu, Jaakonkatu, Olavinkatu)

Helin & Co Architects (commercial spaces, office and apartment blocks)

Marja-Riitta Norri Architects (apartments)

ARX Architects (Tennispalatsinaukio square)


Kamppi Centre is a new, vibrant hub in the Kamppi neighborhood in downtown Helsinki. It covers variety of public transport, services, working and living. Underground is a central bus terminal for local buses, a long-distance coaches traffic terminal, the Kamppi metro station, a freight depot and an internal parking; above ground is a new lively pedestrian area, a 6-floor shopping centrer, shops, restaurants, night clubs and service points, high-class offices and apartments.



The name Kamppi is derived from the Swedish word for battle, kampen, and still under the Russian empire the neighbourhood was mainly used as a military area. But Kamppi was also the location of a market, called Narinkkatori. This name in Russian means "on the market" and is the name of the nowadays pedestrian plaza that surrounds the Centre.



The project comes from an international competition the City of Helsinki held in 2002 to redevelop the Kamppi area, which was underused. One of the main aims was to move the bus terminal underground to use the space more efficently. There were particular construction challenges building in the heart of the city over an operating subway, demanding exceptional cooperation between planners, authorities and builders. An innovative vibration control system was developed to excavate the site, using instruments placed in nearby metro locations and facilities to monitor vibrations after each blast and adapt as needed. The construction work of what was the largest single urban construction site in the history of Finland took over four years, completing in March 2006.



The Kamppi Centre was has won multiple awards: Best Construction Site in Finland in 2003; Concrete Structure of the Year, Well Done certificate by the association of visually impaired people and RAKEVA prize for the communication arrangements in connection with the construction in 2005.




Antonino Vitale 2011


How to visit


Kamppi Centre is in downtown Helsinki, between the headquarters of Helsingin Energia (Sähkötalo) by Alvar Aalto and the Tennis Palace (Tennispalatsi) on the West, the Glass Palace (Lasipalatsi) and Kiasma on the East. It is served by Kamppi metro station as well as by local buses and long-distance coaches from Espoo.


The open spaces and the exterior of the complex are always enjoyable; metro station and bus and coaches terminals respect Helsinki City Transport timetables; opening hours of stores vary.