Kirchner Museum Davos
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner-Platz
CH - 7270 Davos Platz

Gigon/Guyer (Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer) 1989-92

The museum, created to house the art of the German expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, is located in the mountain resort town of Davos. The building's exterior form, four double-height volumes connected by a lower height volume, blends into the snow-caped, mountainous landscape, with a varying opaque, translucent and clear glass cladding. 

The top sides of each of the four volumes is made of translucent glass. Natural light is permitted to enter through this glazing into a plenum space above the galleries, and is then filtered through the glass ceiling panels into the gallery spaces. Photo-electronic sensors detect when there is too much daylight and shades are used to block off the light. When there is too little light artificial illumination takes over through fixtures located within the light plenum. These fixtures do not light directly into the gallery but are directed to bounce light off of the opaque ceiling of the plenum and indirectly and atmospherically into the galleries. 


The galleries are restrained, oak parquet flooring, white gypsum board walls and milky-white glass ceiling panels, a design intention which allows the architecture to recede into an abstraction and the art to be the center of attention. The space between the four exhibition volumes is formed from concrete, a main hall and circulation space that punctually opens up framing views to the exterior landscape. The lowness of the ceiling and gray of the concrete is opposite in feeling to the lightness and height of the gallery volumes.

Kari Silloway 2004, updated 2005


How to visit

Getting there

By car, Davos is 145 km from Zurich: see for detailed driving directions.

By train, Swiss Federal Railways, SBB, from Zurich via Landquart Davos is 2:20: see for timetable information.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner-Platz is located off the main street, Promenade, between Davos Platz and Davos Dorf, bus stop Sportzentrum.

Opening hours

From Christmas to Easter and From July 6 to September 30, Thursday-Sunday 10am-6pm; otherwise Tuesday-Sunday 2pm-6pm

For more information and to confirm opening times please visit (with a section in English), telephone
+41 81 413 22 02 or email  

Books and other web sites shows this and other works and projects by the Swiss architects Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer.

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