Knize Men's Outfitters
Graben 13
1010 Vienna

Adolf Loos 1913

The Knize men's outfitters in Graben is a part of fin de siècle Vienna still preserved and functioning today. Behind the narrow shopfront and groundfloor counter, a curved cherrywood staircase leads up to a much larger sales and consultation floor above, which extends over the neigboring shops. Here Loos has created something of the atmosphere of an English gentlemen's club, in furniture as well as architecture, which fits the clothing aspiration of the day.

As with his House on Michaelerplatz of the same period, the curving wood banister and other details convey elegance and opulence through their material, form and detailing, without resort to classical ornamentation.

The same attention extends outside, where the sinous black granite portal frames the narrow window and entranceway.

Simon Glynn 2007


How to visit

Loos' Knize store is on the north side of Graben, just a few minutes walk fom Haas Haus on the corner of Stephansplatz.

The store is open Monday-Friday 9.30am-6pm, and Saturday 9.30am-4pm.

While they are happy to accommodate architectural visitors, they are unfortunately strict on prohibiting photography inside the store.

For more information please call +43 1 512 2119 or email


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