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Lloyd's of London
Lime Street
London EC3
United Kingdom

Richard Rogers Partnership 1986

'One glimpses bits of gleaming stainless steel, or electric-blue light at night, patched onto the sober City landscape. More like a vertical street, its close proximity to other buildings allows it physically to penetrate its surroundings. The unusual configuration is a result of its location within the irregular medieval street pattern and the dominant philosophy of the architect that the building should appear to be assembled from a 'kit of parts'... All the structural details are fully on display, giving the viewer an understanding of just how the building is supported and braced.

'Inside, the atmosphere is awesomely cathedral-like... Light pours down into the canyon-like atrium space and additional light comes from large fittings, which also act as air extractors, set into the ceiling. The triple-glazed external cladding skin acts as an air duct from ceiling to floor.'

Samantha Hardingham in London: a guide to recent architecture (Ellipsis 1999) - see below.

Richard Rogers is particularly enthusiastic about the client partipation in developing the Lloyds building:

'My own experience has taught me that enlightened and committed clients are as crucial a part of the 'design team' as architects and engineers... For example, with a responsible client such as Lloyd's, our contact with its Chairman, Head of Development, board of directors and numerous user committees was on literally a day to day basis... In cases such as this, the finished building reflects the dedication and sensitivity of the client just as much as the contribution of the architect.'

Richard Rogers, Architecture: A modern view, 1991 - see below

This vision of the dedicated and sensitive senior client, as an exhortation to others, have lost some of their impact with the later knowledge that the financial crisis that devastated Lloyd's was brewing during the period of the building design.


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Photographs Jay Berman, 1998

How to visit

The Lloyd's building is in the heart of the City of London, close to Bank underground station. Access inside the buildig is possible only by booking in advance; Lloyd's may also charge a fee for this.

Telephone +44 (0) 20 7623 7100 or e-mail visitstolloyds@cableinet.co.uk.

Books and other web sites

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3895082813.gif (14068 bytes) London: A guide to recent architecture
Samantha Hardingham, Jonathan Moberly, Tom Neville

A great practical visitor's guide, with one page per building of basic information and black and white photograph - part of a series for different cities and regions published by Ellipsis.


Architecture: A modern view
Richard Rogers
Lloyds Building: London 1986, Richard Rogers Partnership
Kenneth Powell
The Lloyds web site is at www.lloyds.com, but is not informative about the building.

You can find a description of the project within the Richard Rogers Partnership site at www.richardrogers.co.uk.

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