Luzern Postal Center (canopy)
Luzern (Lucerne)

Santiago Calatrava 1985

A modest and early Calatrava work, the canopy on the front of the PTT Postal Center in Lucerne is an elegant and pleasing addition to a dreary building (by Amman and Bauman). 

The thin glazed structure, cantilevered 11 meters out from the building, allows natural light through to the loading bay, and interferes only minimally with the building's original facade.

Simon Glynn 2001 (updated 2004)


How to visit

The postal center is adjacent to both the Culture and Congress Center (by Jean Nouvel) and Lucerne train station, with a hall by Calatrava. As you come out of the station the congress center is on your right; turn round to the right, go up the side of the train station building, and the postal center is on the left just behind the congress center.

Swiss Railways operates train services to Lucerne.

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Calatrava's own web site describes the building at

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