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Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago
220 East Chicago Avenue

Josef Paul Kleiheus 1996

German architect Josef Kleiheus’ first U.S. commission opened with a 24-hour Summer Solstice celebration in June of 1996. The MCA operates an informative website with an "About the Building" section that has pictures of the building process and a profile of the architect, so we'll refer you there - although the site doesn’t mention my favorite part of the building (aside from the views of Lake Michigan): the goldfish staircase. You’ll just have to go to find out what that is...

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Christy Rogers 1998


How to visit

The MCA is just off Lakeshore Drive, between Chicago Avenue and Pearson Street, conveniently near Watertower Place for those in your party who don’t want to "do" a musuem (there is always one). Across from the museum, Seneca Park (on Mies van der Rohe Way) is a nice place to have lunch, graced with public sculpture--including one of my favorites, a horse by Deborah Butterfield (above).

The museum is closed on Mondays, Thanksgiving, December 25, and January 1. Admission is $6.50 adults; $4.00 students and seniors and free to children under 12. "Free day" (almost all the museums in Chicago have them) is the first Tuesday of each month.

Call +1 312 280 2660 for more information.

Books and other web sites

The MCA's own informative website is at


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