Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (MACBA)
Plaza dels Angels, 1

Richard Meier & Partners 1995

Meier's Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona appears massive, bright, white, pristine and inviting, contrasting starkly with the rather down-at-heel surroundings it is intended to help regenerate. The sculptural elements of the main facade show themselves to full effect in the Mediterranean sun in the square, while effectively filtering the sunlight entering the building.


Inside generous circulation space and ramps benefit from the sunlight, while allowing a more subdued light level to permeate through to the rather more plain exhibition spaces. The narrow white columns, railings, glass bricks and different varieties of white skin are straight from Meier's earlier houses, but used here with great effect. 

The exhilarating light and form of the circulation space provides some serious competition for the Barcelona contemporary art that is the building's intended focus. During my visit there were clearly more people photographing the building than looking at the exhibits.


Simon Glynn, 2001

How to visit

MACBA is a short walk to the west from La Rambla and Plaça de Catalunya. Metro lines 1 and 3 (Catalunya station).

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Its opening hours vary by the day and the time of year. For details telephone +34 93 412 08 10, email or see the web site listed below.


Books and other web sites is the official web site of the museum (in English), with details of opening hours, admission prices, exhibitions etc. has Richard Meier's own description and photographs.

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