Mirador Building
C/ Princesa de Éboli
PAU . Sanchinarro . Madrid

MVRDV and Blanca Lleó 2005

This building, called Mirador, was designed by the Dutch architecture studio MVRDV in collaboration with the Spanish architect Blanca Lleó. It is in a residential suburb on the North east edge of Madrid, next to the Sanchinarro district.

The most impressive element of the building is the incredible gap of it shape. The gap is used by the neighborhood as a meeting area and playground. The views from the gap are incredible, across to the Guadarrama Mountains, because Mirador is one of the highest buildings in the area. In the facade the different colors are coded for different uses, for instance red is used for the corridors.

Residents disagree about whether the building is really a masterpiece; some think the architects have thought only about the external appearance, not about the users of the building.

This building is one of the most innovative in Spain, and has been awarded several prizes and shown in many different exhibitions abroad. MVRDV and Blanca Lleó are designing another building in Madrid called ‘Celosía’, and MVRDV have also a project for a garden-building in Valencia.

Gonzalo Herrero Delicado 2006


How to visit

Take the M-40 road in the direction of Hortaleza suburb, and follow the exit to Sanchinarro suburb. When you reach that district you will see the building in the skyline.

The building is private. Entry is forbidden, and residents may not welcome visitors.


Books and other web sites

MVRDV's official website has photographs and a description of the building at www.mvrdv.nl

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