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Schutzenstrasse 18-25

Erich Mendelsohn 1922

The corner of the original building (by Cremer & Wolffenstein) housing the headquarters of Berlin newspaper tycoon Rudolf Moss was damaged in the First World War. Mendelsohn, responsible for a number of streamlined buildings in Berlin in the 1920s, was commissioned to reconstruct and enlarge the building. Mendelsohn grafted a new corner and top onto the existing, conventional structure.

Mendelsohn’s buildings explored the dynamic of movement; while they became increasingly influenced by modernism, they retained their distinctive expressive qualities. The emphasized horizontal lines and celebrated curved corner give the building an aerodynamic feeling, helping the building to seem elongated in perspective.

The building was damaged in World War II and was renovated in 1992-93 (Peter Kolb, Bernd Kemper, Dieter Schneider) as the center of a new publishing district.

Jay Berman 1999


How to visit

Take the Ubahn U2 or U6 either to Stadtmitte (and walk south along Friedrichstrasse, then east on Schutzenstrasse) or to Kochstrasse (and walk north along Friedrichstrasse, then east on Schutzenstrasse).

A number of Mendelsohn’s other buildings in and near Berlin are also worth a visit:

  • Metal Worker’s Union Building, Alte Jakobstrasse 148-155, Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Universum (Cinema), Kurfurstendamm 153, Berlin-Wilmersdorf
  • Doppelvilla, Karolingerplatz 5-5a, Berlin-Westend
  • Haus Sternefeld, Heerstrasse 109, Berlin-Westend
  • Haus Mendelsohn, Am Rupenhorn 6, Beriln-Pichelsberg
  • Einsteinturm, Albert-Einstein-Strasse, Potsdam

While on Schutzenstrasse visit the newspaper area complex by Aldo Rossi.



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