Narkomzem (People's Commissariat of Agriculture)
1 Orlikov Per

Aleksey Shchusev 1928-1933

Shchusev was not a committed Constructivist theorist, and is best known for his design of the Lenin Mausoleum. This building, however, is a particularly well preseved example from the Constructivist era, although the depth of Constructivist principles here is limited.

Some of the most striking features are the cylindrical corner tower, the overall asymmetry, the ribbon windows (particularly on the top floor), and the corner details, where the glazing is continuous around both internal and external corners.

Simon Glynn 2007

How to visit

The Narkomzem, now the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, overlooks the Garden Ring on the corner of Orlikov Pereulok and Sadovaya-Spasskaya Ulitsa. The nearest Metro station is Krasniye Vorota; from there, walk one block northwest along the Garden Ring.

The building is a working Ministry and is not open to the public.

While in the area you may want to visit the Tsentrosoyuz building by Le Corbusier of he same period, which is in Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, directly opposite Orlikov Pereulok inside the Garden Ring.

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