NeMo (National Center for Science and Technology) 
The Netherlands

Renzo Piano Building Workshop 1997 

If you are going through the IJ Tunnel from the south to north, you will be going under the boat-like green building - NeMo. It was designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop for the National Center for Science and Technology.

The building looks as if it is a giant ship docked at Oosterdok. This design seems to be inspired from the boats, ships, yachts, and barges that dock along Oosterdok. The design of the building is also influenced by the shape of the site; it curves with the shape of the underground IJ Tunnel.

The building exterior is clad with copper and with time it has turned into a green color. Since the city of Amsterdam is relatively flat, the height of the building and the color makes it a visible landmark.

The roof of the building is sloped and is used as a roof terrace. There are stairways on the sides of the tunnels that lead people up to the terrace. The terrace provides a view of both Amsterdam and the water of the IJ. In the summer time, there are various functions on top of the terrace with bean bag chairs scattered around for people to lounge in.

Inside the building there is continuous open space where the entire exhibition for the science center and other public spaces lies.

Wilma Kwan 2003


How to visit

From Amsterdam Central Station, it is a ten-minute walk to NeMo. Leave the station on the south side and then turn left. You will be able to see NeMo ahead. Just go down the street, you will pass the Botel (a boat hotel) and the floating Chinese restaurant. Get on the pedestrian bridge ahead and you will find the entrance to NeMo at the end of the bridge.

Another way to get from Central Station is to walk through Stationsplein and then go West along Prins Hendrickkade, you will see NeMo on your left. Go down and walk along Oosterdok. The entrance to NeMo is near the end of the dock.

For admission fee and opening hours please visit For more information about the building please visit the Renzo Piano Building Workshop website at


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