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Block defined by Schützenstrasse, Markgrafenstrasse, Zimmerstrasse and Charlottenstrasse

Until 1990, this plot of land was part of the Berlin Wall complex. Before the war, it was home to newspaper publishers and printers, part of a district called the newspaper area. After the wall was demolished, the block was empty, except for only one apartment building.

Rossi’s extensive research and writing on the city informs the approach to this complex, which is to recall the former situation in which many buildings occupied the block. Structurally and functionally, the block is one building with several interior block courtyards. The appearance, however, is of many different buildings. Look closely, and you will find that the floors all align, and that the varied appearance is actually made up of six repeating facade designs—a strategy which simultaneously underlines difference and coherence. Although it looks residential, the building comprises mostly commercial and office spaces.

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Jay Berman 1999


How to visit

Take the Ubahn U2 or U6 either to Stadtmitte (and walk south along Friedrichstrasse, then east on Schutzenstrasse) or to Kochstrasse (and walk north along Friedrichstrasse, then east on Schutzenstrasse).

While on Schutzenstrasse visit the Mossehaus by Erich Mendelsohn.



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