Interbau Apartment House
Altonaer Straße 4-14

Oscar Niemeyer and Soares Filho 1957

In the south-west corner of the Hansaquarter lies the eight-story building by Oscar Niemeyer and Soares Filho, Brazil's contribution to the International Builders Fair of 1957.

The concrete frame construction rests on V-shaped pillars and is 27m high, 72m long and 15m wide. Its longitudinal axis runs north-south. There are 78 apartments with altogether 5089m².


The facade consists of rectangular loggias whose uniformity is broken up by a band of windows in the 5th story, which was intended as the common room of the building. This shared story was to create a feeling of community by providing space for events - an idea called 'conjunto' (free story) in Brazil.

The most significant feature is the tower next to the building, which holds a service elevator and passenger elevator. The tower is connected to the main building by passages only at the 5th and 7th stories. Because of this inhabitant-unfriendly solution people mostly use one of the six staircases in the center. As one of the building's long-term (since 1959) inhabitants commented, when told that Niemeyer also built Brazil's capital Brasilia: 'But he can't even build a proper elevator; how can he build a city?'

Sebastian Krauß 2001


How to visit

The building is in the center of the Tiergarten.

S-Bahn: Station "Tiergarten"

Underground U6: Station "Hansaplatz"


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