Schlumberger Cambridge Research
High Cross
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0EL
United Kingdom

Michael Hopkins and Partners 1985

Schlumberger Cambridge Research is one of two main research centers operated by Schlumberger Oilfield Services. Including new buildings added in 1992 it provides nearly 1,000 square meters of laboratories and offices for 100 scientists.

The building comprises two parallel rows of single-story labs and offices - the 'research wings' - separated by a long and 27-meter-wide covered space, providing both large-scale test areas and a a winter garden. 

The research wings are conventionally glazed, while the central space is covered by a Teflon-coated glass-fiber membrane, suspended from the steel superstructure. The translucency of the membrane provides natural light for the central areas.

The Schlumberger building was a pioneer of this high-tech tensile roof construction, completed nearly fifteen years before the Richard Rogers Partnership's Millennium Dome.


Simon Glynn 2002

How to visit

Schlumberger Cambridge Research is a commercial research laboratory and is not open to the public. However the exterior is clearly visible from the Madingley Road (A1303 leading west from Cambridge to junction 13 of the M11 motorway). 

The Schlumberger site, signposted as High Cross, is on the south side of Madingley Road, immediately east of the M11 motorway exit at junction 13.

The Schlumberger Cambridge Research web site provides further visitor and contact information at Alternatively you may telephone the research center at +44 1223 315576, or email

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