Strasser House
Kuppelwiesergasse 28

Adolf Loos 1918

The Strasser house was a remodeling of an existing dwelling. The planned modifications for the interior were quite extensive and the new reconfiguration required structural modifications to the house, but the exterior volume of the building was not significantly changed. However one of the changes was the use of the semi-circular metal-sheathed vault to create a roof attic like in the Steiner house, which would provide another accessible floor. In the case of the Strasser house, the vault was implemented in the front and garden façades. 

Another sign of Loos that can be seen from the exterior is the identification of protuberances with individual interiors. This form of organization was an early stage during the developing of the Raumplan, and later disappears in favor of a more coherent massing. The interiors are typical Loosian; each space is articulated with different materials of rich textural qualities, creating a varied and complex sequence of interiors.

Ludwig Abache 2002


How to visit

By public transport: Use the underground line U4 (green) and change at Hietzing to the tram #58. Get off at Fleschgasse. The house is one block away to the south. The Steiner house is at the end of the line of tram #58; it is best to visit that house first, and walk back to the Strasser house. The Scheu house is also within walking distance from this building. 

Please note that this is a private house and is not open to the public.


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