Termini Station 
Piazza dei Cinquecento

Eugenio Montuori, Leo Calini, Annibale Vitellozzi, Massimo Castellazzi, Vasco Fadigati and Achille Pintonello 1950

Like other buildings of its period, the Termini station combines a curious mixture of influences, from the stripped classicism of the Fascist period to the post-Fascist and post-war modern rationalism. Its most striking feature is the extension of the covered concourse to the front of the station, under a giant, reinforced-concrete "wave". The wave is unsupported in over the concourse, and additionally provides a generously cantilevered canopy at the front.

Standing under the convex part of the ceiling there is a reminder of Saarinen's later concrete-roofed concourse at Washington's Dulles Airport. Here there is less grace, but more complexity, in the mix of convex and concave stages in each of the concrete ribs.

Simon Glynn 2005


How to visit

Termini Station is Rome's main station for trains, buses and the intersection of the two metro lines.


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